Product Description

HYFLUX Waterstop HW 20 x 20 is an active sodium bentonite, butyl rubber based waterbar, It is used as a construction joint sealant between two layers of concrete. It fills all the cracks, pores and capillaries in the concrete by expanding itself when it comes in contact with water. It is easy to use the HYFLUX Waterstop because of the flexibility and adhesiveness.

Application Area

1.Swimming Pools, Tanks
3.Concrete Slabs
6.Retaining Walls
7.Water Storage Tanks
8.Old & New Concrete Joints
9.Manholes, Pipe Joints
10.Sewage plants


  • Flexibility : Because of the high flexibility, it can be compressed easily by concrete.
  • Controlled Expansion : Due to the controlled expansion it swells systematically to fill in the pores, capillaries and cracks.
  • Ease of Application: It can be fixed easily even in there is considerable reinforcement It does not require skilled labour for application of the Waterstop.
  • Chemical Resistance : Provides good chemical resistance and hence for various critical applications
  • Adhesion : It has good adhesion and adheres to the concrete. The joining of two sections can be done by just pressing two ends together.

Application Methodology

Surface Preparation : The surface should be cleaned properly of any loose concrete, cement, grease, oils and dust. The surface should also be also dry before laying of the HYFLUX Waterstop.

The Waterstop is to be rolled out and laid on the joint carefully without putting undue pressure on it. The HYFLUX Waterstop is to be pressed firmly at the designated location so that it sticks to the surface.The ends are to joined side by side or end to end and should not be overlapped. Make sure that the Waterstop covers full interface especially if the concrete surface is uneven.In the case of vertical joints the Waterstop can be held in place by using a binding wire to nearest reinforcement steel so that it may not be shifted during the concrete pour.After ensuring the above steps the release paper should be removed and the fresh concrete can be poured.


Care should be taken in positioning of the Waterstop as this is most important aspect in the functioning of the Waterstop.
Cleaning of surface also is very important. Dust, grease, oils, ice, etc can affect the adhesion of the HYFLUX Waterstop to the surface.
Usage of primer is not critical in the functioning of a Waterstop as its purpose is only in providing adhesion to the surface.
Undue pressure should not be exerted on the Waterstop. Pulling or stretching of the Waterstop may affect the functioning of the product.
It is ideal that the Waterstop is applied just before the pour of the fresh concrete. In case there is a delay care should be taken so that the surface of the Waterstop is clean and devoid of any debris, dust or other foreign matter.
After the pour of concrete care should be taken that the Waterstop is not damaged by vibrators or other machines.
HYFLUX Waterstop cannot be used in expansion joints. This can be used only in locations where can be minimum expansion of concrete.
Excessive presence of salts in the water may affect the swelling of the Waterstop.

Technical Details:

Properties Specification Results
Specific Gravity ASTM D71 1.35 - 1.5
Cross Section 20mm x 20mm
Color Black/ Grey
Application Temp Range, 0C -22 to 52
Service Temp Range, 0C -35 to 80
Expansion, Days of Exposure
7 Days 15%
14 Days 30%
21 days 50%
30 days 75%
Chemical Resistance ASTM C990 Passes