About us

Established in 2009, POSITIVE WATERPROOFING & INSULATIONS PVT. LTD. has grown into one of the premier companies in the waterproofing industry. Based out of Bangalore, PWIL has completed many prestigious projects and has many major companies as its clients. Waterproofing industry in the organised sector is relatively very young in India and we are proud that we have been part of the growth of this industry. There has been a lot of changes and developments in the products as well as the application methods of these products. We have been able to study and understand the requirement of the industry as well as that of the clients. Based on these requirement have set our quality standards with respect to the products and application procedures.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve ourselves we have identified the lack of supply of quality products in the industry. Realizing this void we decided to start a division for the sourcing/ manufacturing of quality products to be supplied to clients, contractors, applicators etc at very competitive prices. We also understood that mechanisation of the waterproofing industry is essential at this stage when labour and time is expensive. With mechanisation we save much on the labour cost as well as the time of completion of the projects. Hence we have introduced our range of machines and tools to make the application of the waterproofing products much easier and faster.


We have our registered brand HYFLUX which we intend to develop into a synonym of quality at competitive price. Our brand is already well accepted in the market and we strive to make more improvements in the product range to make this brand to be associated with quality products.


We envisage to become a leader in the supply of Accessories and machines in the Water proofing Industry in India and expand our operations in the Global scenario in the near future by providing quality products at the most competitive price. As our name suggests we want to move in POSITIVE direction with a very POSITIVE outlook.